Re: [gardeners] Planted

George Shirley (
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 19:45:44 -0600

Yup, that's why I keep all seed in the refrigerator in paper bags or envelopes
and inside a large plastic container. If there's a bug in there it will either
die or go dormant. Years ago I used to keep pea and bean seed in the garage in
coffee cans, ending up losing all my seed to weevils and worms. I've never read
the Square Foot Gardening book but does he actually advocate keeping seed in a
warm place?

I have seed that is ten years old and still viable, germination rate has dropped
slightly but that's easy to test with a few seeds and a wet paper towel on top
of the refrigerator.


Craig Watts wrote:
> Yup, that time of year for the early crops in Raleigh, NC.
> Row toe tillered last weekend and today 77 degrees. Planted lettuse,
> radishes and peas. The peas purchased in bulk last year had small holes in
> each one. None of the other seeds have that problem. Store bought pack had
> no damage and I planted 50/50 between verieties.
> I know I'll get a lashing from George for using seeds a year old, but been
> doing that for years with good results. Seems a small catapillar was
> crawling around in the bag, bag kept in shop area of garage (warm,
> attached). ( Mel Bartholemeu, Square Foot Gardening) book.
> Anybody seen this problem?
> Craig Watts