Re: [gardeners] Planted

Craig Watts (
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 07:30:25 -0500


Thank you for a very informative reply. My appologies for assuming you'd
beat me up.

Mel's book goes on the premise that most gardeners do not give ample room
when planting. He says that spacing the seeds the proper distance when
planting is a very tedious job but time well spent. Now look at a pack of
lettice seeds. Enough to plant 1,000 heads of lettice. Plant them
individually and there's enough for 5 years with a slightly declining
germination rate each year.

I do not recall his storage methods. I have NEVER had a problem like this
before. Maybe it was bcause I bought them out of a large bilk container and
it was contaminated.

BTW- I use to have a garden that was 10x10  at my house that was on a
quarter acre. I'd plant radish with a 12"x12" piece of peg board marke for
3" spacing and 4" spacing. The results looked like a Geogia Pacific pine
forest. Perfectly formed round individual radish. Each individual was great
do to proper spacing. Thus the title of the book "Square Foot Gardening"
aimed at people wanting to garden in limited areas. Apartments, small
yards, etc.

Thanks again for your info and experience.