Re: [gardeners] Re:Raspberries and peas

George Shirley (
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 17:05:12 -0600

Johnny's is good keep using them. Itch, probably poison ivy that was growing in
with the raspberries. I never got poison ivy for most of my life even when I
pulled it out of the ground with my hands. After being out of country for five
years I came home and tried the same trick. Got a very bad case of ivy rash.
After nearly 15 years home again I no longer get it.

Put the peas where they can grow up the fence. You might have to train them but
I doubt it.


Stacey Marien wrote:
> Hello everyone.  I wrote in the Fall that I have now
> obtained a community garden plot that had been
> neglected for some time. I cleaned out alot of it in
> Nov and a couple of weeks ago, it was a nice day so I
> decided to work in the garden some more. I cut back
> all the raspberry bushes and in the process, got some
> scratches on my arms.  Well, within a day or so I was
> covered from head to toe with a very itchy rash. The
> dr. said, yup it looks like you touched something. I'm
> now on the mend thanks to Allegra and Prednisone.  He
> also gave me a prescription for a cream if I get
> scratched again. I have never had poison ivy or any
> kind of reaction to touching a plant so I'm a little
> wary of keeping these bushes.
> My other question is now that the weather is warming
> up some here in DC and the ground is thawing, I'm
> ready to plan my garden. I've bought seeds (mostly
> from Johnny's seeds - anyone use them?) and I'm
> wondering about peas.
> The garden plot borders on a 20ft fence or so - can I
> plant the peas so that they will trail up the fence or
> do I need free standing support?
> Stacey in DC
> Zone 7
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