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Dan Dixon (
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 06:23:30 -0600

Try nematodes. They attack soil insects and larvae (wire worms, grubs, etc)
without harming plants.

Dan Dixon

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> Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 23:17:43 -0500
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> George, I'm a bit behind in my messages -- but I would like to
> ask something:  there are plenty of veggie seeds which we have
> planted over the years, but there's one that never does well,
> in any cultivar, and that's radish. We don't croud them, we do
> water them (perhaps too much), but even when everything else
> is growing fine, the radishes have insect blemishes in their
> pulp.  Is there such a thing as an insecticide which is not toxic to
> humans, but could save our radishes?
> Penny, NY