[gardeners] Re: Thursday at home

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:29:40 -0500


We'll be rooting for your reasonably good test marks -- ALL of us
will~!  Hope the rain turns off, and you have a safe trip. 

The storm is working its way up the East coast, and we are promised
enormous amounts of rain for 48 hours. Jimmie, of course, feels 
challenged by the weather, and so he has been out there digging his
trenches, searching for the 8" clay drain pipe under the rear lawn
which we sealed off in error about 4 or 5 years ago.  So far, as of
Thursday noon, he had only found rocks -- and I mean HUGE rocks,
as big around as a turkey!  Every place he digs, water seeps in even
as we stand there -- and it hasn't rained or snowed for 72 hours. With
the faintest early drizzle he returned to the digging, and suddenly hit 
pay dirt -- he found the pipe!  In the meantime, I came home from my
Master Gardeners' meeting and swung into the garage just in time to
see my cleaning lady come tearing out of the rear door -- Jimmie was
face down on the grass, with his head and right arm missing. She
feared the worst, but I knew what was going on:  Jim had his head in
the hole, and was patiently removing the wet dirt from the bottom of
the hole with a trowel, in up to his armpit . ... ...  

WELL -- what's sauce for the goose is certainly sauce for the gander,
and so I put on my tough clothes and went out in the early raindrops
to cut down the whole rose garden. This is the first year we did not
prune the roses back to 18" in November -- but don't worry about the
spring weather, because it's been down to 23 degrees this week. 

We came in from the impending weather at 4:00 o'clock, and Jim
fixed two daiqueries while I made some bar-b-qued chicken wings,
and like two kids playing hookey from the world, we sat there and
just grinned. 

Came time to get up and move on, and oh, my word, we couldn't
budge.  Neither one of us!  We were so sore that there wasn't any
strength in our backs and butts -- that surprised us, for after all, 
we hadn't spent the winter just sitting on our laurels . . . .  So Jim
now is on the Internet researching his gluteus maximus to see
what type of work or exercises would build up his backside, and
I will take it under advisement about following his lead.

If spring is here, can summer's work load be far behind....? 


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