Re: [gardeners] Re: Thursday at home

George Shirley (
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 04:24:08 -0600

You folks are a tad bit older than I am but I wish I had your energy, or is it
your genetics. I worked in the garden last Sunday, squatting, kneeling, bending
over, etc. The backs of my thighs were so sore I could hardly walk the next day.
To top that it was raining so I couldn't do it again to get out the kinks.

We're up early and getting ready to hit the road. I do hate driving in the dark


penny x stamm wrote:
> George,
> We'll be rooting for your reasonably good test marks -- ALL of us
> will~!  Hope the rain turns off, and you have a safe trip.
> The storm is working its way up the East coast, and we are promised
> enormous amounts of rain for 48 hours. Jimmie, of course, feels
> challenged by the weather, and so he has been out there digging his
> trenches, searching for the 8" clay drain pipe under the rear lawn
> which we sealed off in error about 4 or 5 years ago.  So far, as of
> Thursday noon, he had only found rocks -- and I mean HUGE rocks,
> as big around as a turkey!  Every place he digs, water seeps in even
> as we stand there -- and it hasn't rained or snowed for 72 hours. With
> the faintest early drizzle he returned to the digging, and suddenly hit
> pay dirt -- he found the pipe!  In the meantime, I came home from my
> Master Gardeners' meeting and swung into the garage just in time to
> see my cleaning lady come tearing out of the rear door -- Jimmie was
> face down on the grass, with his head and right arm missing. She
> feared the worst, but I knew what was going on:  Jim had his head in
> the hole, and was patiently removing the wet dirt from the bottom of
> the hole with a trowel, in up to his armpit . ... ...
> WELL -- what's sauce for the goose is certainly sauce for the gander,
> and so I put on my tough clothes and went out in the early raindrops
> to cut down the whole rose garden. This is the first year we did not
> prune the roses back to 18" in November -- but don't worry about the
> spring weather, because it's been down to 23 degrees this week.
> We came in from the impending weather at 4:00 o'clock, and Jim
> fixed two daiqueries while I made some bar-b-qued chicken wings,
> and like two kids playing hookey from the world, we sat there and
> just grinned.
> Came time to get up and move on, and oh, my word, we couldn't
> budge.  Neither one of us!  We were so sore that there wasn't any
> strength in our backs and butts -- that surprised us, for after all,
> we hadn't spent the winter just sitting on our laurels . . . .  So Jim
> now is on the Internet researching his gluteus maximus to see
> what type of work or exercises would build up his backside, and
> I will take it under advisement about following his lead.
> If spring is here, can summer's work load be far behind....?
> Penny
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