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Sat, 7 Apr 2001 02:40:46 -0500

Craig time to change your plant habits! For me anytime I have a mold start
up it is just easier to repot the plants than to try and cure it all. Seems
like no matter what I do after the mold starts up, it is just temporary even
though I change up my habits because the mold organism is always still
there. So I repot the plants and toss out the old soil outside where the
natural eliminates of wind and sun can whip the mold.
       Sometimes what we add to the soil in the way of amendments can
promote mold for sure but once we start fresh with new soil we need to
reevaluate our watering habits. First do not water any plants until your
sure the soil has dried out enough to warrant the water, in other worlds
stick your finger in the soil and make sure! When the humidity of summer
comes to the outdoors or the spring rains start up it is bound to change the
way the water evaporates in the house making it easy to over water and cause
problems. Increase the amount of sunshine as the plants will tolerate,
improve air circulation in the house or move the plants out of those corners
that are out of the way and have poor airflow. These things should help
some. If you find you still have a problem you may want to adjust your
potting soil to something that drains and dries out quicker to assist you
from over watering so easily. Don't forget to not let water stand in the
saucers under the pots.
   Every once in a while I get lucky and can use a mild bleach water
solution on any area that has mold and kill it off but most of the time it
is just temporary.
    This is all basic stuff but maybe it will remind you of something that
you changed and you can fix the problem. Good luck!

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From: Craig Watts <kingdomm@worldnet.att.net>

> Yuk! Mold on all my indoor plants. It's located on the soil, has spread to
> all plants. Looks like bread mold. Not powdery black mold, its growing on
> the soil.
> Suggestions?  ..............  bleach??????   Throw 'em out?????