Re: [gardeners] Mold

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 07 Apr 2001 08:25:31 -0600

Craig, white fly excrement does mold, and leaves black yukk on plant 
leaves. If that's where the mold is, and all insects are gone (it may help 
to use a magnifying glass...), use warm soapy water and wash each leaf 
off.  If the mold is just on the soil, you might try scraping it off or 
spraying with a weak bleach solution (one part chlorine bleach to 9 parts 
water, for instance).  I wouldn't throw out the plants, but what is that 
fertilizer?  I'd probably not use that on house plants again.  Margaret L

At 09:49 PM 4/6/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Yuk! Mold on all my indoor plants. It's located on the soil, has spread to
>all plants. Looks like bread mold. Not powdery black mold, its growing on
>the soil.
>Had my habanero plants wintering w/ me indoors. Had an attack of white
>flies. Got some insecticidial soap and clean them off. Flies dropped by
>90%, retreated 2 weeks later. Treated a glad outdoors for black mold,
>applied a full service fertilizer to them. Thought if it was good for them,
>I'd do the plants indoors (Peace Lilly). It contained a very low fertilizer
>along with bone meal, dried blood, iron, etc.
>Could it be the droppings of the white flies are molding?
>Could it be the bone meal and dried blood molding?
>Cindy does like to water them till it spills all over my nice hardwood
>floors, but that only happens every other week. And because it has been
>warm here the windows are more open now allowing plenty of sun into the
>I put the habaneros out on the front brick stairs in full sun w/ no water
>and the mold has not decreased (been out there for 6 days).
>Suggestions?  ..............  bleach??????   Throw 'em out?????
>Craig Watts