[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 07 Apr 2001 16:05:44 -0500

Went out this morning while it was still cool and planted cuke and zuke seeds.
Planted some of those tromocino zucchetta seeds, are these the ones Margaret L.
keeps referring to as "green thighs." Anyway, verbiage in the catalog lead me to
believe they may be resistant to squash vine borers.

Haven't been feeling well due to very high blood pressure so didn't stay in the
garden too long. Did get the second round of fertilizer on the fruit trees and
berry vines though. It's threatening to rain a bit so I will hold off watering
it in until tomorrow.

Went out with the digital camera again today too, took 21 pictures around the
property, particularly of the flowers, the transitioning of the veggie garden,
and the fruit trees and berry bushes and vines. I do like that digital camera.
Now if I can just get used to holding it out in front of me instead of putting
it up to my eye. <VBG>

Miz Anne went up to her school this morning. She got a lot of her stuff bunched
and packed for the big move Monday. She is moving out of a portable classroom
and into a bigger classroom purpose built for teaching art. To say she is
thrilled is an understatement. No more hauling water from a tap 100 feet away by
bucket. No more hunting a place to post the kids work, she now has two sides of
a hall about 50 feet long to post on. No more having to wait until someone with
a key and the alarm code is there to go to her classroom, she will have her own
exterior door and the key to it. In addition the principal is having grass
planted outside that door so her students can work outside when the weather is

Well, gotta go, gonna make some cornbread to go with the pinto beans and ham I
cooked last night. A simple meal for us but one we really like.

Life is good.