Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 08 Apr 2001 08:24:06 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, we lost our contact who used to bring Jimmie home-made
> southern-style cornbread (not sweet). Would you care to share
> your recipe with us..?  The only thing I know how to make is corn
> muffins, and they are more like cake.  Wrong thing . . .
Will send as a separate email.

> What do you do with the digital camera pix you take?  Jim's cousin
> just loaned us a digital camera, but we do not have a gadget for
> putting the pictures on the computer. I think we will have to install
> some certain software.

We have lots of pix of the kids, grandkids, great grandkids, plus pictures of
our flowers and gardens. We can print them out on photo paper on a color inkjet
printer or send them as email attachments. Daughter is sending us some new
pictures of great granddaughter today. We have a Sony Mavica FD73 camera as does
our daughter. The pictures are saved to a 1.44MB floppy disk so can be used with
any software and are easy to download to the computer.
> The new quarters for Miz Anne sound too good to be true!  They
> must really appreciate  her arrival in their midst -- lucky lady, and
> fortunate school, to have found each other . .

She hopes to get on at that school full-time, currently she teaches at two
separate schools and one has a serious discipline problem. She is well-liked at
the one that built the new classroom for her. She has an appointment with the
principal there tomorrow so she can ask for a contract at that school only. I
think teachers must be the only professionals in the US that have one-year

I noticed you are still with Juno. Do you have internet access via Juno and, if
so, are you aware of their new rules that say they can use your computer when
you're not on line to do computing of their choice that they sell? I guess you
could turn the thing off and they couldn't access it though.

> Penny, NY