[gardeners] Sunday and Monday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 09 Apr 2001 20:15:08 -0500

I was feeling lousy on Sunday due to extremely high BP so Miz Anne planted the 5
varieties of tomatoes and the 7 varieties of chiles plus 6 Ichiban eggplant.
Still have another 10 or 12 chile plants to go in but am waiting for the Mantis
tiller to come back from a spring tuneup so I can turn under some composted
leaves and horse manure.

Today I ran the soaker hose in the main veggie garden so the little transplants
would get a good drink.

The boysenberries have set fruit as have the blueberries and the raspberries
aren't far behind. The mayhaw fruit is getting bigger as are the peaches and
plums. The Fuyu persimmon is loaded with fruit for such a young tree. My lone
surviving Corno di Toro chile has about 6 leaves on it and about that many
blooms, strange plant. The lemon tree has set so many fruit I can't count them
all. Of course two-thirds of them will fall off but there will still be a lot to
harvest this fall. My friend with the pear trees says his are loaded so we are
planning on a new batch of pear sauce and maybe some pear wine again.

It is hot enough now to run the air conditioning so I expect large electric
bills this summer. It is hitting 82-85F nearly every day now but it is still
cool enough at night to help out. Too humid to open the windows though, we're at
90 plus humidity already. I fear it will be a long, hot summer.

Miz Anne is getting her grades for one of the elementary schools ready to turn
in tomorrow and we are prepared for her spring break. The old Dodge goes in for
maintenance on Good Friday, Miz Anne has doctor and dentist appointments for
Easter week, and our daughter and her daughter are coming this weekend. It
should be a joyous season for us.

I go in for the surgery on my shoulder on April 26th. The appointment is for
0900 so don't expect to be there too very long. Three small incisions, some
grinding and chipping, sew it all up and back home again. At least that's what
I'm hoping for. <VBG>

Life is good