[gardeners] Introduction

Lon J. Rombough (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 09:14:56 -0700

    George, the list owner suggested I introduce myself.
    I'm a horticulturist/garden writer/consultant working with fruit in
western Oregon.  I did my graduate work as a plant breeder and the man I
studied with happened to be a grape breeder.  That, combined with some other
factors, led me into being a private grape breeder when I graduated as I
didn't care to live in the places where there were university positions
open.  People started coming to me for grapes they couldn't find elsewhere
and I wound up with a business selling cuttings of many of my 200+
varieties.   I've written a large, definitive book on grape growing that
will be out this fall from Chelsea Green (www.chelseagreen.com) . I do work
with a lot of other fruits besides, though, including a lot of uncommon
ones.  Rather than bore you, I'll suggest you look at my web site for the
details.  Grapes, writing, consulting, more, plus word on my grape book at

    I am also the list owner of a list for garden writers (wannabes, and
people in other areas of the horticultural industry included.)  If you want
to join the Garden Writers List
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-Lon Rombough