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David G. Smith (
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 18:59:26 -0400

I've got alpines too (Ruegen improved from Bluestone).  They do have the
best flavor, but they are so tedious to pick.


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Subject: [gardeners] strawberries

> Dear David,
>   I would suggest that you plant alpine strawberries there at the new
> They don't require any care once you get them in good dirt and you don't
> have to dig them up and replace them every 3 years or mulch with hay etc.
> They bear fruit from May til first frost.  I have 2 alpine strawberry beds
> on a steep incline and they are working well to hold the bank in place.
> Plus I get to pick and eat delish sweet fruits!
>   Carolyn
> PS:  the kind I planted are called Rugen Improved from Bluestone
>   There are several other kinds of alpines including a yellow one.
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