[gardeners] Fungicides

byron bromley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 14 Apr 2001 09:54:43 -0400


For many purposes that typical fungicides are used for, I use chlorine
bleach. I had a wilting seedling in a group of healthy hibiscus seedlings
that a heavy dose of chlorine bleach revived.

Tom Miller

>> Snip

Tom I tried the 1/9 mix,  Slowed it a little.  Really make a few real sick.

What I think I am fighting "Looks" like "Fly Spec Disease" on Hibiscus.

Smaller spots, mostly on the leaf margins.


>Yeah, I have seen something like fly >speck on peppers; tiny dots in a
>circlular shape. Never seemed to >cause much problem for us, though.
>Usually only affects a few fruits. >Maybe you're in a wetter/cooler
>locale, or in a greenhouse (how'd you >get peppers this early anyway?).

Peppers are an in the house grown under lights.  On a small Chile group I am
on, we were having a first ripe pod

We selected a small fast maturing chile
that could be grown in a 3 gal pot.
var.  Ring of Fire..

Just something to do to fight Cabin Fever..

>BTW, Fungonil is clorothalonil, >probably same basic formula as >Daconil. I
wonder why Bonide
>says it's ok for peppers while Ortho >says it's not. Strange.

Fungoil is just a RTU version..

Here is a little SOHK  label reading

First  Compare the labels in the disease
list of Ortho v Bonide.

One difference on that label is "late blight"   it's on the Ortho label,
Not on Bonide..  Why??

Peppers are not on any Daconil label.

Ortho reps haven't answered.

The Bonide rep said that I can use Daconil on pepper plants,  but NOT on
pepper fruits..  Reason was not told..


>Too bad your state/county doesn't >permit you more leeway in your >choices.
>What's up with that, you in California >or something? ;)

Dan Dixon

Nope I am on the other coast.

Many States have their own "EPA"  and
restrict chemicals based on the # of idiot homeowers that don't read labels
and follow instructions.  Many times it's
on the label "Except CA, AK,..  etc"