[gardeners] Slightly OT - soil aid luminarias

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 08:27:08 -0600

Here in southwest Boise, used to be timber cutting country but that's much 
reduced now, we get a product called "soil-aid" that is really composted 
sawdust.  A friend planned a large dinner party but didn't want to bother 
with a heavy bag of sand for her luminarias. She had a yard of soil aid on 
hand,so filled little paper bags with soil aid, stuck a candle in each one, 
and just before guests were to arrive, she lit the candles.  Guests 
arrived, confronted by a conflagration, parallel walls of flame on either 
side of the sidewalk.  It badly burned the lawn, too.  To this day she 
mutters about her flaming luminarias.  Margaret L