[gardeners] A weekend in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 22 Apr 2001 18:57:21 -0500

Yesterday the little bit of lawn that is left got mowed and edged. In addition
the herb garden is neatly weeded and the new crop of chamomile, feverfew, basil,
and dill is growing nicely. The main garden was watered by soaker hose today and
now the herb garden is getting a drink.

Miz Anne waded into the stuff growing on the hill in the back and rooted out a
wild cherry tree, a couple of stray magnolias, pruned the azaleas, and, in
general cleared it out to where we can once again see what's there. She was
looking for several amaryllis and some Easter lilies that once were there and
she found the amaryllis, about a dozen of them. They will go onto the hill in
front once they have quit blooming.

I got my chile bed mostly cleaned out. Lots of Chinese Yam in there, had to dig
down about a foot to get as many yams as I could out. Did a little pruning on
the peach tree, that tree is getting carried away. I'm going to have to borrow
the neighbors 12 foot step ladder to tip prune the higher branches. Got about a
dozen peaches left on it.

The mayhaw fruit has mostly disappeared, should be getting ripe about now but my
old weak eyes don't see any of it left. The little plum tree dropped its few
plums too. Didn't expect any of those to make it, the tree is still in the pot.
Started a planting hole for it today and should have it in the ground by
tomorrow afternoon. I have water filling the hole now and this about the tenth
time its been filled, drains out pretty quick with our loamy soil here.

In the main garden the green beans are blooming as are the tomatoes. The chiles
have a way to go yet and then they will be blooming. The cukes are up and the
two types of zukes are growing well with no sign of squash borers yet. The chard
is trying to bolt as is the leaf lettuce but the flat leaf parsley is growing
well as is the spring lettuce crop. We harvested about a dozen radishes today
and had them for lunch with our corned beef sandwiches. I scored a hunk of
corned beef at the market yesterday and cooked it yesterday afternoon, filling
the house with delicious odors.

I pureed then strained two gallons of hot sauce today also. The pepper sauce is
now mellowing in my large stainless pot with just the right amount of vinegar in
it. Gonna be a hot batch by the little finger taste test. This batch fermented
for six months and was ready to decant. In about ten days it will be ready to
bottle and label. Gives me a little rest before the new crop of chiles begins to

I think I'll go wash some garden sweat off this old tired body and then rest
abit, maybe a practice nap before bedtime.

LIfe is good.