Re: [gardeners] Home Again

penny x stamm (
Tue, 1 May 2001 00:02:21 -0400

George, are you going to try to hang some wallpaper....???

How great that you are already back in your own 4 walls with
no overnights at all!  I'll bet that Sleepy Dawg was happy to 
see you... 

You know, Jimmie would just ADORE it if I were told to give him
sponge baths -- he loves to be mothered. Of course, that does 
not mean that he wants to be bossed, or led around, perish
forbid! But a wife who's like a geisha, now that's his idea of
heaven..  Listen to his stories, make him some rice pudding, 
help him rebuild the V W Beetle engine,  keep the other side
of the bed warm, never run out of stamps, and when he gets
to looking like Einstein, then cut his hair for him..... now
that's pretty much true love.

We are coming up on our 58th wedding anniversary -- 
battling all the way -- but he has kept true to his credo of
no division of labor. Five kids, and he changed just as many
diapers are I did.  And when I had to spend 6 months in bed
with back problems, you would have thought that I was
Queen Liliuokalani with the service I got!   Say, George ---
come to think of it, EYE got the sponge baths...!  I knew that
phrase had a familiar ring to it . . . 

So make the most of Miz Anne's waitin' on you -- and keep
thinking that it's nice to have a holiday.  Don't give it a second's 
thought that there's work crying to be done. It'll wait. Just lie
back with a jackass smile on your face, the way Jimmie
would do, and let your Lady sponge away...  There aren't enuf
moments like this in a lifetime.

Penny. NY 

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