Re: [gardeners] Searching for spring....

Ron Hay (
Tue, 08 May 2001 07:20:19 -0700

Good morning, Penny,

What a circus, indeed! But I think you err on the side of sanity when
you suggest Disney might have missed his chance; I think it should
likely have been Fellini!

Oh, my, 40 degrees at night! How delicious! We got down to a tepid 62
last  night, after a rip-roaring 97 here in Van Nuys, yesterday. And
those poor vegetable plants! We had no idea it would get so infernally
hot, and put the plastic pony packs out where we planned to "install"
them, as Vivian says, last night. But heat took its toll, sadly. We were
able to revive all of the little packs of plants, with the possible
exception of the curly leaf lettuce.

More will be planted tonight, now that I have taken precautions to put
the plantlets under the overhang of our patio roof, to protect them from
being scorched two days in a row.

I just hope we two can get all the plants in the ground before Vivian
hightails it off to a conference in NY this weekend, as my arthritic
fingers work much more slowly than hers do, all alone:(

George, I am delighted that you are able to type with two hands again.
That is a major accomplishment. It's interesting that  you never
appreciate the wholeness of  one'ss body until one has lost full
function of a part of it. I think this is God's reality check on us:)

Well, dear friends, it's time to turn this moth into a butterfly, and to
get ready for the workday.

Enjoy spring, such as it is, wherever you may find yourself.

Van Nuys, CA