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Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 8 May 2001 08:26:52 -0600

I agree with George, you could write a great book.  I enjoy reading your
posts, I do read even tho I have been very silent over the last year.  Just
way too busy working and being a single mom to two teen agers.  Life is good
as George always says.  

I have my garden started, tilled and some seeds planted.  My seedlings in
the basement are coming along nicely, even tho I got them going a bit late.
I have also bought several perennials over the past few weeks, they are
either in the garage or out on the back deck.  I got my pond all cleaned out
and the fountain going, also made a filter for it.  And then it snowed, for
two days and rained for 3 more.  We are 1.5 inches above normal for this
time of year here which is wonderful for us, we are usually so dry.  I am
hoping the fruit trees did not get nipped in the snow last week, still
waiting to find that out.  I have mowed the lawn 3 times already, it looks
real good with all the moisture we have had.  I have 3 projects in mind for
this summer.  One is in front of the fenced compost heap, have to do
something there, it looks bad.  I also need to tear up the back deck and
replace the foundation for it and I am thinking about putting Trex down for
the deck.  Someone was getting a load of it yesterday as I walked back to
work at lunch and I stopped to ask a lot of questions.  I had gotten a
brochure in the mail earlier this week.  The last project I have in mind is
to take out some more grass in the front yard and make another flower bed
beside the drive way.  I have already turned the other side into a perennial
bed.  Time to get rid of more grass.

That should keep me busy this year so I probably won't have much time to
write, but I will keep reading.  I hope all of you are doing well, George,
it sounds like you are recovering pretty quickly.  Take care all.

in Colorado

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From: George Shirley []
You certainly live an exciting and interesting life Penny. Have you ever
of writing a book? Could call it "Travels through Life with Jimmie." Or the
"Trials and Travails of Penny." I think it would be a best seller myself. I
I always enjoy hearing about your home and your life.

George, still typing with two hands and one sore shoulder

penny x stamm wrote: <snip>
> And now the shutters have been repainted Ol' Blue Eyes blue.
> Very beautiful, if shocking. Jimmie looks out the back window and
> says, "Well!  It looks like the millenium has arrived!" "You got it!"
> I answer. "I have turned over a new leaf. Gotta roll with the times."
> And I stare at the pyramid of drying shutters smack in the middle
> of the driveway...  Now I can't get the car out of the garage . . . .
> Penny, NY