RE: [gardeners] Too hot for Peppers?

Jane Burdekin (
Mon, 21 May 2001 10:59:45 -0600

Fellow gardeners,
Gardening in Colorado is truly a challenge.  It's a good thing I have not
put out any peppers or tomatoes.  Yesterday morning was beautiful, I was out
in shorts digging, tilling and planting a few flowers.  It was beautiful
until about 3pm, by 3:30 the wind was howling, by 4pm it was snowing, the
temp dropped 30 degrees in 25 minutes.  We got 4" last night, this morning
the temp was 29F on my deck.  The trees were bent over with snow, I think I
beat some of the cherries off the tree, only lost one branch from the soft
silver maple.  The peoney and iris looked pretty sad, but I am hoping they
will recover.  It is truly a challenge living here and trying to garden.
Tonight is predicted to freeze so I will have to cover some things, then
back to the 70's and 40's at night.  Geez, Mother Nature, give us a break
here we don't need any more snow.   


Good morning, friends,

Most nurseries carry shadecloth, at least that is true of nurseries in
Southern California, where inland temps are often in the low 100s, with
unremitting sunshine.