Re: [gardeners] Re: Too hot for Peppers?

Uncle Steve (
Tue, 22 May 2001 01:54:13 -0400

Most varieties of chiles (sweet or hot) like lots of sun and heat. However
there needs to be a change in the night temperature for the fruit to set. If
night temperatures don't drop to below 80-85F the plant will drop its flowers
and you just have to wait for a next flush of flowers. Many of the sweet chiles
and some of the hot will get sun scald on the fruit if inadequate shade is not
provided by the foliage. Shading will help with that. Some wilt during a hot
spell is normal during the day but if the plant has not recovered by morning
there is not enough water or there has not been enough deep watering for a long
time so that the roots can develop deep. Shallow watering develops shallow
roots, always water deep. All chiles like lots of water in good drained soil
types (they require air too). However they don't like wet feet. I you have
tight clay type soil use mulch to conserve water.

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