Re: [gardeners] Too hot for Peppers?

penny x stamm (
Tue, 22 May 2001 22:44:54 -0400

>Most nurseries carry shadecloth, at least that is true of nurseries in
>Southern California, where inland temps are often in the low 100s, 
>with >unremitting sunshine.
Not sure I've ever seen it here in this temperate climate. I do have 
endless yards of old fashioned burlap, and countless old 7 ft stakes,
if you folks don't think that burlap would cut too much light...? 

Of course, first we would have to get some veggies into the ground....
Our normal last potential frost day is May 15th, and I assure you, 
nature is pushing things to the limit.  It's VERY chilly outside, VERY
windy, and VERY rainy. Same is due on Wednesday, all day. We 
haven't had any rain at all for 6 or 8 weeks until last night, and 
strangers are going around saying oh, boy, rain ! and we sure need

Bad part about it is the timing -- my bright red Vulcan rhodies are 
just opening up their blooms, and now they will be beaten to a pulp,
and we will miss a whole season...  Sad.

Does anybody know where i could buy some barrier cloth to use
underground, and which would stop my heavy rain water from 
going thru the stone wall and into her yard (and cellar)....? 

Penny, NY


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