Re: [gardeners] Too hot for Peppers?

Wendy Arons (
Wed, 23 May 2001 13:51:35 -0500

Actually, it's pretty hard to find shadecloth outside of So. Cal.  I 
moved to Indiana from San Diego a couple of years ago & we looked 
EVERYWHERE for shade cloth here & in the Detroit area, with no luck. 
Places like Home Depot (which regularly stock shade cloth in SD) had 
never even heard of it!!

Go figure...

Wendy, IN

>  >Most nurseries carry shadecloth, at least that is true of nurseries in
>>Southern California, where inland temps are often in the low 100s,
>>with >unremitting sunshine.
>Not sure I've ever seen it here in this temperate climate. I do have
>endless yards of old fashioned burlap, and countless old 7 ft stakes,
>if you folks don't think that burlap would cut too much light...?
>Of course, first we would have to get some veggies into the ground....
>Our normal last potential frost day is May 15th, and I assure you,
>nature is pushing things to the limit.  It's VERY chilly outside, VERY
>windy, and VERY rainy. Same is due on Wednesday, all day. We
>haven't had any rain at all for 6 or 8 weeks until last night, and
>strangers are going around saying oh, boy, rain ! and we sure need
>Bad part about it is the timing -- my bright red Vulcan rhodies are
>just opening up their blooms, and now they will be beaten to a pulp,
>and we will miss a whole season...  Sad.
>Does anybody know where i could buy some barrier cloth to use
>underground, and which would stop my heavy rain water from
>going thru the stone wall and into her yard (and cellar)....?
>Penny, NY
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