Re: [gardeners] Too hot for Peppers?

Wendy Arons (
Thu, 24 May 2001 09:15:39 -0500

Yeah, well, that was part of the problem at the Midwest Home Depot. 
Describing it to someone who had never heard of it ;-)!

It comes in various UV "strengths" and different colors, and is made 
out of some kind of nylon/plastic material.  It has a very fine open 
weave (depending on the UV protection, the holes are larger or 
smaller) but the cloth itself is rather thick (kind of like weedmat) 
and heavy (i.e. it's not gauzy at all, like floating row cover, it's 
a very solid material).  It's used in So Cal all over the place, esp. 
in nurseries where they need to protect young plants from the strong 
sun, & we used it in San Diego to shade our porch--you construct a 
frame of wood or metal and then drape the cloth over it, attaching 
it, and you get shade from the sun, but it allows a certain amount of 
sunlight through (so it's not solid like canvas).

This doesn't seem helpful. Sigh...

  When we moved to IN we wanted to construct a little shade cover for 
our stroller and looked all over for the stuff, we finally found 
something somewhat similar which I think is in fact a weed barrier or 
soil erosion barrier product--it had smaller holes than we were 
looking for, but it worked to keep the baby protected from the sun.


>Wendy & Ron, can you describe shadecloth?
>Penny, NY
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