Re: [gardeners] Late(?) Transplants

George Shirley (
Thu, 24 May 2001 09:54:08 -0500

Can't speak for the Russian sage but the coneflower should do okay without
cutting back. This is their time to bloom and store energy for the roots. Ours
are in full bloom and are in full shade until about 1300 each day until about
1600 and do exceedingly well.


Harry Boswell wrote:
> While working in one of my perennial beds yesterday,
> I found some Russian Sage that had been overgrown
> by crocosmia.  I dug out some of both, and separated
> the corcosmia corms form the sage roots.  What I was left
> with was basically bare-root pieces of Russian Sage, which
> I planted.  Will these do OK?  Would I have done better
> to just leave it alone?
> I also found a coneflower trying to grow in the shade in the
> midst of daylilies.  I dug the coneflower up and divided it,
> since it seemed to have basically formed two small clumps,
> and transplanted both clumps.  Should I cut these back?
> They're both pretty leggy.
> Thanks,
> Harry