Re: [gardeners] Too hot for Peppers?

olin (
Thu, 24 May 2001 09:43:15 -0700

Hi Penny - I'm not Ron or Wendy but

If you can't find shade cloth locally, try a web site like A.M. Leonard .  Click on the "products" tab then follow the
"Fabrics/Tarps/Straps" link.  The "shade fabrics" link lists a number of
different types with descriptions.  It comes in shades of 30 to 95 %.  I
have been using the 51 % poly tarp.  Some of it is over 5 years old but I
only use it a few months each year..  It is available as a precut tarp with
grommets already installed or by the roll in widths from 6 to 20 feet.  I
used to hang it on schedule 40 pvc irrigation pipe but it becomes brittle
and breaks after a season or two in our intense sun and heat so I now use
metal frames.  I only use it on tomatoes (near Phoenix AZ, Zone 9b) and some
of the pepper types.  But most of the hot peppers seem to do okay without
shade (Habeneros need to be shaded).  Probably should go to 75 % about mid
June to lengthen the growing season a bit but I never seem to get around to
it when the temps get up to 105-110 deg.