Re: [gardeners] poison ivy

David G Smith (
Thu, 31 May 2001 12:46:25 -0400

Roundup will kill it, though it may grow back from the roots for a while.
Once the new leaves are big enough to absorb some, spray it again.  I mix it
myself at twice the "normal" strength, as recommended at

Of course you've got to be careful not to get it on anything you want to
keep.  One suggestion I've heard is to use a brush or rag to apply it just
to the plants you want to kill.  Kay Lancaster says if you do get it on
something you didn't mean to, splash some muddy water on it.

After a couple of really bad reactions to poison ivy, I don't let it set
foot in my yard, or in the parts of my neighbors' yards I can reach with the
sprayer.  It takes care of honeysuckle, too.


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> It's in my vegetable garden!  Remember a while back
> when I wrote about cleaning out the garden and
> thinking the rash I had was from the raspberry bushes?
>  Wrong.  How do I get rid of these beasty poison
> ivies?
> Stacey in DC
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