Re: [gardeners] hot water heater

penny x stamm (
Sun, 3 Jun 2001 23:09:48 -0400

George, they make a round hole thru a building block and
place some kind of small box on the outside wall. The vent goes
right to there and stops. No chimney required.  It's rather like the 
clothes dryer vent, or the kitchen stove exhaust fan vent on the
outside wall. 

We HAVE to do something for the very reason that in the summer
time, when the air conditioner and the hot water heater go on
simultaneously, fumes come into the workshop, plus condensate 
backflows into the furnace vent and rusts out the doggone
furnace!  This doesn't happen in the wintertime because of the
cold air being outside and the warm air inside. It happens in the
summer because of the cold air being inside and the warm air
being outside. The exhaust from the furnace has to flow thru
a 20 foot transite pipe before it finds the chimney!    The house
was not built to take air conditioning. 

BTW, we are both delighted that your shoulder feels better!  I
don't dare tell you to take it easy, but DO be careful!

Penny, NY


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