[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 03 Jun 2001 09:15:18 -0500

Started outside about 0930 and started working on taking out an old drain sump
next to the driveway. By 1430 Miz Anne and I had the new fiberglas sump
installed on a bed of sand and cemented in place. We did take an hour for lunch
and had plenty of cool water with us at all times. The only exciting part of the
whole day was when we finished and came inside. Our clothing was wet through
with sweat (dew in Miz Anne's part) and we had to help each other get the
clothes off. Don't get excited now, at age 61 we both were to tired to be
interested in anything more than getting a cool shower and a nap. I weighed
before we started and then after my shower, lost 7 lbs in water weight. Put it
all back on last night sucking up water while I was breaking in the new gas
grill with rotesserie. Put a small beef roast on there and liberally anointed it
with various seasonings and some pear wine. Tasted quite good along with some
green beans from the garden, sauteed zuke, onion and garlic, and some nice hot
bread from the bread machine. For dessert we had some raspberries cooked with a
little corn starch, a small amount of sugar, and some pear wine for the liquid.
Served over minature sponge cakes it was right tasty, even Sleepy Dawg liked it.

Today we're going shopping for some new summer shorts for me plus a couple of
short sleeved sport shirts. I've about worn out all my clothing so necessity
says get more. Luckily Kmart is having a blue light special today so off we go.

George, with slightly sore muscles but the left shoulder feeling much better