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> It sounds like a viable way to vent the products of combustion outside the
> house. That's the main concern, get that CO and other gases outside.
Sounds good
> to me.
> George
I never realized how important this was until the repairman we had come in
to look into why our pilot light kept blowing out, ran out of the house and
refused to come back in til I had opened all the windows.  This in below
freezing weather.  I had been having to relight it about every 3 days for
the two weeks before.  Seems there was a crack in the heat exchanger that
was right over the pilot light.  We never had any of the symptoms of carbon
monoxide poisoning, but I wouldn't risk it again.  A carbon monoxide
detector is cheap compared to losing the life of yourself or a family

This house is all electric so has no carbon monoxide threats.  We do have a
radon tester that comes in periodically, as that has been a problem in the
Anne in FL
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