Re: [gardeners] Berries, Okra, Busy Work

George Shirley (
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 07:58:55 -0500

Dewberries, still producing? Man oh man are you lucky, best tasting berries in
the world. Dewberry cobbler has got to be my everlasting favorite. My @#$%^
berries don't produce very well, I'm thinking of riping out the blueberries,
boysenberries, and raspberries and putting in one of the new upright
blackberries to see if I can get enough to eat more than one bite of berry. What
version are you growing Bsk?


bsk wrote:
> I have been going out after breakfast most mornings and either picking
> berries of some kind or hoeing the okra patch. I now have 2.5 gallons of
> mixed dew and blackberries! More blackberries are on the way just have to
> wait for them to ripen.
>     My okra patch has about 6 beautifully weeded rows with 12 more that are
> weed free where the tiller can get but grassy right down the row up against
> the plants. I doubt I will be able to weed the rest of them because the okra
> is getting about knee high and hard to see under. I expect okra blooms any
> day now!
>    The second round of sand plums I notice are ripe. The first one were
> buggie, I hope these have ripened late enough to miss out on the bug that
> was getting the others.
>    Getting ready to go to a family reunion on the 4th helping with designing
> name tags and getting them printed. Need to mail them so they will get there
> in time. Also got that side of the family together in a email group to chat
> and plan.
>    It is hot up here but the humidity is dropping now thank goodness. We
> still have a breeze most of the time to evaporate the sweat when I am out
> picking. The morning work outs are really helping my stamina and tightening
> up some muscles that was flapping in the breeze.
>      The yard is trying to die out on me and I am having to water to keep
> from having a fire hazard. It's always something here on the ranch either
> with the animals, up keep chores, or just plain business management on the
> phone and planning. Will tell you what is going on soon after I talk to my
> attorney Monday. It should be interesting.
> Ranchmama
> Okie zone 7a