Re: [gardeners] Re: Sunday in the garden [sic]

George Shirley (
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 08:01:25 -0500

I am a tad bit younger than either of you and know I couldn't do that much work
in one day. Last time Miz Anne and I mixed and poured three bags of quickcrete I
couldn't move my arms the next morning. It is very hot and very humid here in SW
Louisiana and it is clouding up to rain again. Reckon we'll have to cut hay on
the lawn when it dries up enough to cut.


penny x stamm wrote:
> You're right,George, busy gardening.
> We've had such foul weather recently that we could not
> get outside and prune back the azaleas which are now
> overhanging the driveway. The rule of thumb is, of course,
> that one must prune them within a very few weeks after they
> have bloomed, or else one will not get any flowers next year.
> Today we awoke to sunshine!  Out came the hedge clippers,
> big rake, big garbage pail, hand clippers, and 150 ft of electric
> cord. Jimmie pruned while I guided, because he does not have
> a sense of direction -- and there is a devil in him which urges him
> to go over an area which he has already finished, ending in
> scalping ....   After awhile, I took over the hedge clippers and
> Jim switched to weeding the rock garden alongside. When we
> were quitting for lunch, Jimmie could not find his eyeglasses.
> Oh dear, always something -- at least it wasn't a hearing aid!
> Two hours later a neighbor found them for us -- whew!  They
> were buried in the heart of a large fern .....
> At this point, I returned to the heavy duty pruning while Jim
> mowed the back yard. My arms wanted to scream from the
> weight of the electric shears, but I could not stop until I could
> see some good progress. Of course while I was at it, I pruned
> the rhododendrons and the hollies behind the azaleas.  Created
> two 32-gallon pails stuffed full of woody debris. Jim cleaned
> gullies and filled still another pail!  It's a mighty good thing that
> the garbage men love us.
> I do think we both pushed the envelope way too far today. We
> are having problems getting up out of the chair. And there's
> so much more to do!
> Penny, NY
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