[gardeners] Accidental gardening

Harry Boswell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:55:41 -0500

Due to a variety of factors, I haven't done much in the way
of vegetable gardening so far this year.  I had a couple of
4x8 raised beds that were planted with broccoli and lettuce
in early spring that I had let go a while back.  They were badly
overgrown, especially with all the recent rain, so this past 
Saturday I decided the time had come to clean them up.

I found 3 nice ripe red tomatoes, growing on plants I had
forgotten I had planted.   Even worse, in the other bed I
found an okra plant, about 4 feet tall, with okra!!!  It came up
from seed I planted last year, so it's a volunteer of sorts.

Folks, it's embarassing to admit I had let these beds get so overgrown!
I've been concentrating on ornamentals in the front this spring and
summer, but this is ridiculous!!  I promise I will do better!!