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If you can't find the recipe let me know and I'll dig through my recipes to
find it.

I've taken some photos of the bed and will take more as more of the plant
come into bloom.  When I finish the current roll and get them developed I'll
find a way to post them and let you know.


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Oooo, I have that book! I'll look it up. Thanks a heap Terry!  Your previous
post about your new garden along your driveway sounds wonderful and lush!
Please do take some pictures and let us all know where you've posted them.


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Pears also make wonderful chutney.  If I remember correctly the Ball Blue
Book has a very good recipe.

E. WA.

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Alice, if you do turn out to have a big crop of good pears, another
preservation technique is to dry them.  Pears are easy to dry. You don't
have to skin them, and I just use a Vegomatic to slice them, core and all.
Once they're dehydrated, you can pick out seeds as you eat them.  Margaret L

At 09:39 AM 6/25/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Oh, now that's interesting. I had no idea there was any such-type of pear.
>The fruits themselves have the shape and color of a "regular" bartlett (?)
>that you buy in the grocery store, so I just assumed that's what it was. I
>will talk with our extension office. I can't believe I may have just been
>wasting all those pears for all these years!  Would I go about making pear
>butter the same way I do apple butter? Different spices? We put up many
>pints of apple butter every year. Pear would make an interesting change for
>those Christmas baskets. And pear honey?  That's peaked my interest.