[gardeners] Re: Sunday in the garden [sic]

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 01:13:02 -0400

Yes, George, I think we did too much work yesterday, judging
by how tired we both were today..  I found half a pink dogwood 
dead and had to prune it off; Jim found an amazing bunch of
weeds hiding at the front door. And the only visible thing that we
did was to plant one lablab vine, already growing in a pot, at the
front post. 

Some 15 years ago or so, I planted 3 houtania (I believe), with green,
red and perhaps cream leaves. They did not get enough sun, and so
they reverted to all green and boring. They got shovel-pruned. Each 
year in spring, I pluck out perhaps 4 or 5 of these plants which have 
sprung up, and that's that. Today I wanted to work in the Japanese
garden, and was startled to discover about 17 houtania all with pretty
white blossoms on the top, standing tall right thru the dense evergreen
ground cover on the berm!  First of all, they resist pulling. Secondly, 
I can barely reach most of them. Thirdly, they look kinda cool where 
they are .....   question is:  if I leave them, wonder how many hundreds
will come up next year...???

Penny, NY


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