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Hi Ron,

Dried is by far our favorite thing to do with apricots.  I've dried boxes
(24 lb boxes) of apricot and my family eats them so fast they are rarely
around more than a month.

A friend of mine from Switzerland make and apricot pie that is yummy.  She
make a shortbread like crust, lays the halves apricots face down then pours
a custard made of quark cheese over the top and sprinkles with sliced
almonds.  I'll have to ask her what all she puts in the custard, if your


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Hello, Penny,

Yes, round about 600; and it could even have been more. They are a
little more than ping pong ball sized, but intensely sweet and juicy. I
wish we were close enough to share our bounty with you and Jim.

We have 4 baskets on the dining room table, ripening still more, to
perfection (covered in dish towels to ward off the fruit flies!), the
sorts of which Trader Joe sells the dried fruit in at Christmas. Each
one holds about 100; then we have a cake dome filled, along with various
bowls....and then there are those we have eaten and given away to
friends and colleages, at the rate of a couple of dozen apiece.

We are simply amazed by the bounty of this semi-dwarf Blenheim/Royal
(Sunset claims they are possibly the same variety).which we planted in
February of 1998.

What are some of your favorite things to do with apricots?