[gardeners] national naval medical hospital

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 16:17:22

Dear George,
  Yes,  it's that same Bethesda that has the  Naval hospital and NIH across 
the street.  My garden (and thus, home) is near enough to the Naval Base to 
hear taps each evening at sunset.  It's changed quite a bit since you were 
there in '59 though the tall tower still stands, it is empty and unused.  
The Navy built a new, low, mall-like hospital in l980 and the old 
Depression-era buildings fell into disuse.  The military built a medical 
school on 9 of the Admiral's l8 holes and evenutally all the other 9 holes 
got used up for buildings as well.  This area is booming, construction-wise, 
and has been ever since l980 when the Metro went in.

  We've had a relatively (this is DC after all) cool spring and early summer 
but the typical three H's (heat, humidity and haze) are supposed to move in 
this week.  I've only needed my AC to be on 2 days so far!  That's really 

  I admire your father in law for getting much to grow in the red clay soils 
of MD.  It is everywhere and really the only way I think that folks get 
things to grow around here in to replace and/or seriously amend their soil 
in their garden spots.

  I cannot imagine living permanently in LA!!!  I've visited a couple of 
times (winters both times) and just cannot imagine living through a summer 
down there.  Of course, my New England relatives say the same about me, 
living here in DC!

  Zone 7a
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