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Wed, 27 Jun 2001 08:47:21 -0400

I was skeptical, too, about leaving the crock pot open. But with it on high,
it does still boil. And that way, you get a very thick apple butter cuz the
water boils off.  Yes, the neighbors all know when we're making apple
butter.  As far as a favorite apple, we use the apples we have in our yard -
I have no idea what type they are. The tree was planted before we bought the
house (probably along with that Kieffer pear). They are small, round, red
and sweet. We also use the red and yellow delicious apples from my in-laws'
yard. They are unable to get up in the trees to pick anymore due to
age/health, so give us all we want. If I had to buy apples, I don't think
I'd make apple butter out of them. 

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Alice, my thanks for the instructions -- it sounds like fun
this fall.  Forgot to ask you if you have a favorite apple for 
the job..? 

Never heard of leaving a crock pot open before -- should
smell up the house with wonderful perfume! 

Penny, NY


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