Re: [gardeners] Intro

Annetta Green (
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 08:37:10 -0400

Here is my self introduction.  I am Anne Green and hail from near Orlando,
FL.  I am in school getting a degree to teach high school math or history.
We have a largish (compared to newer ones) city lot.  The front yard is
postage size (triangle shaped lot) and the back yard is large and lush.   I
have 3 kids, son 16, son 12 and daughter 11.  They are the biggest joys in
my life.  We have a dog, a cat and an aquarium full of fish.

I started out vegetable gardening, but to a swift turn to perennials and
have stuck there.  I have been adding roses to my garden as well as many
daylilies in the past few years.  I am currently working on a shade garden
that is being planted under a big maple tree.  So, the garden is mostly
being planted in an old leaky canoe.  So far Spath and Phyll, my
spathephyllums, are very happy in their new home.

I have also started planting some vegetables again, with minor success.  I
hate using chemicals (my hubby is a chemist) and the bugs love this Florida
weather as much as I do.  They are getting more produce from the garden than
I am.  Ah well, I have learned ways to keep my flowers going, I will learn
to keep the veggies going to, eventually.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26