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What breed of sheep do you raise?  I raise mine for fleece too, mine are
Targhee, TargheeX with some Karakul and Romney/Lincoln.  My husbands been
after me to get a purebred flock but I'm attached to my old girls and its
hard to get rid of them.

E. WA.

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I mainly lurk because my gardening time is quite limited at present.  I have
two raised beds for vegetables.  We use raised beds because our soil is
terribly rocky.

I live in Western Massachusetts with my husband; we're both pushing the Half
Century birthday this year.  What occupies most of my time is my flock of
sheep.  I currently have fourteen ewes (and 20 lambs).  I raise sheep for
meat (grass-fed lamb) and fiber.  In July I'm establishing a new flock on
approximately 40 acres of land nearby; at that point I'll be up to 38 ewes.
Also started in with chickens this spring; I have a dozen New Hampshire Red
chicks which I plan to free range in the pasture.  If anyone is interested
in the benefits of grass-fed meat and free range eggs, there is a wealth of
information at  I also have a Border Collie and a
Silky Terrier; the strong personalities of these two breeds makes for an
awesome, entertaining pair.  When the tomatoes start ripening I'll have to
fence them out as they steal tomatoes right off the vine!
I need to improve how I get water to my sheep, and imagine that some of the
techniques that list members use to automate their watering systems would
apply.  I'd be interested in hearing about using plastic pipe and quick
connects to route water.  If anyone can recommend any websites providing
this information I'd appreciate it.


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