Re: [gardeners] intro

Dan Dixon (
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 17:57:31 -0500

> OG magazine warns against Roundup--Monsanto's claims to the contrary, it
> does wind up in the water.

At the risk of sounding "anti-organic" (which I'm not), to my knowledge
Monsanto has never made any claims that Roundup cannot leach into water
supplies. The fact is that glyphosate is highly adsorbed by most soils, and
typically only very small amounts, if any, leach into groundwater when
properly used. Even when some makes it into water bodies, it is further
adsorbed and tightly bound to any organic matter in the water, where it is
broken down via microbes in a few weeks' time. Because it breaks down,
there's no bioaccumulation (as with DDT, PCP, etc).

I rarely use the stuff myself, but when I need to, such as on poison ivy as
did the poster of the above quote, I dont think it's polluting the water. I
don't think even Greenpeace cites glyphosate as a water pollutant hazard.

Dan Dixon