Re: [gardeners] Apple butter

penny x stamm (
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 23:59:15 -0400

Alice, we do have lots of apple picking orchards around us, this 
being the New York apple growing valley.  That makes it easy for
us to buy a bushel -- or to pick a bushel, if we want to.... 

I presume that different apple cultivars will produce different 
apple butters. It is perhaps sacriligious of us, but our #1 favorite
apple is a Washington State red delicious. They are very large, 
very firm, very juicy, very fragrant. I also like a McCombs, which 
is like an early mac and only has a 2 week season. 

Always wondered what became of the millions of 'greening'
apple trees which used to produce our best apple pies and
cobblers...? Once the Granny Smiths came in, the 'greenings'
disappeared. Do you think they were all destroyed...??? 

Penny, NY



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