Re: [gardeners] Apple butter

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 09:43:58 -0600

Yes, but fortunately fruit-growing hobbyists are keeping the old varieties 
alive. For instance, Seed Savers Exchange yearbook this year has scions 
(for grafting) available of Cortland, Cortland Early, and Cortland Red 
Spur. There are also clubs and a marketing organization called 
"Applesource." I have an old catalog from them ('96), but they had Cortland 
apples available (and many other old fashioned varieties).  They may now 
have a website, but all that was listed in that catalog was 1-800-588-3854. 
These apples do bring premium prices. I don't think you could grow decent 
apples in So. Calif. because you don't have required chilling 
hours.  Margaret L

At 07:52 AM 6/28/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Good morning, Margaret,
>Isn't it a pity how fast the wonderful apples of old are disppearing? It
>seems that most of the apples we get, at least here in So Cal, are
>latter day varieties, many of which come from New Zealand and elsewhere
>outside the U.S.
>When I was a kid growing up in NY, one of my favorites was the Cortland
>apple. I haven't seen nary a one in going on 40 years. Sad.