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Once in a while, I see Cortlands being sold by some of the organic or
alternative apple growers here is WA.  Because of all the messed up
international trade agreements and government regulations, the apple
industry is collapsing fast.  Dozens of apple orchards have been pulled out
during the past couple of years and 3 packing plants have closed in my area.
We will be lucky to have US commercially grown apples in 5 years.

In Sonoma County, CA, home of Gravensteins nearly all the apples orchards
have been converted to grapes.


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Good morning, Margaret,

Isn't it a pity how fast the wonderful apples of old are disppearing? It
seems that most of the apples we get, at least here in So Cal, are
latter day varieties, many of which come from New Zealand and elsewhere
outside the U.S.

When I was a kid growing up in NY, one of my favorites was the Cortland
apple. I haven't seen nary a one in going on 40 years. Sad.