[gardeners] New Zealand spinnich

Craig Watts (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 1 Jul 2001 19:09:33 -0400

Pick our first crop of voluntier New Zealand spinich. Looks really great
this year compared to last year.

Cindy cleaned it and was going to have me put it in the salid. Thought it a
little to hard and bitter to go into the mix. She was making lemon pepper
chicken w/ cappers, mushrooms and white wine on a bed of spagetti. So she
put it in the boiling water w/ spagetti.

Man that was good. Added just the right bite. About 15 beautifull leaves in
enough spagetti for two.

Give that a try George.  :)

(p.s.- i personnaly think lemon pepper flavor to be over raved and over
beaten and rarely eat the stuff.)

Craig Watts