Re: [gardeners] New Zealand spinnich

George Shirley (
Sun, 01 Jul 2001 19:30:41 -0500

I've never found NZ spinach to be tasty raw. Much prefer it lightly steamed or
dehydrated and then rehydrated in a soup or stew during the winter. I steam the
stuff and then put a little vinegar, in which hot peppers have been sitting for
a long while, on it. Mucho tasty. I'll try your idea too. I too am not overly
fond of lemon pepper. Try lemon and garlic though, wow!


Craig Watts wrote:
> Pick our first crop of voluntier New Zealand spinich. Looks really great
> this year compared to last year.
> Cindy cleaned it and was going to have me put it in the salid. Thought it a
> little to hard and bitter to go into the mix. She was making lemon pepper
> chicken w/ cappers, mushrooms and white wine on a bed of spagetti. So she
> put it in the boiling water w/ spagetti.
> Man that was good. Added just the right bite. About 15 beautifull leaves in
> enough spagetti for two.
> Give that a try George.  :)
> (p.s.- i personnaly think lemon pepper flavor to be over raved and over
> beaten and rarely eat the stuff.)
> Craig Watts