Re: [gardeners] jalopenos

George Shirley (
Thu, 05 Jul 2001 12:00:54 -0500

They're ripe and mature when they turn red completely. Otherwise you can start
picking them, depending upon variety, when they're about thumbsize, ie about 3/4
to 1 inch around and about 3 inches long. If you take the seeds and placenta out
they're not very hot, again, dependent upon variety. I have grown some that had
the nice taste of jalapenos and were absolutely mild. Friend gave me some the
other day that were just a tetch hot, even Miz Anne could eat them and she's a
"supertaster". I make a hot chile jelly out of red ripe jalapenos and red ripe
sweet chiles that is very good.


"c.l. avery" wrote:
> Dear list,
>   This is my very first time growing hot peppers of any sort.  I've got
> about 7-8 jalopenas coming along.  My problem is:  I don't know when to pick
> them!  How do I know when they are ripe and mature?????
>   (am hoping that I will not have to be cutting into and eating each and
> every one of them to know if mature or not... I'm NOT that big on hot
> things.  Jalo's are about as hot and spicy as my tongue can stand)
>   Carolyn
>   bethesda
>   zone 7a
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