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Fri, 6 Jul 2001 08:37:24 -0400

I freqeuntly make strawberry and raspberry freezer jam. It is very quick
(probably about 20 minutes start to finish), and you don't have to go
through the canning process - just pour into freezable containers. There are
recipes (yes, blackberry, too) inside the box of pectin which you can find
in the baking or canning section of your grocery store. I prefer Ball pectin
- I think it gels better than the generic brands. 


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Subject: [gardeners] Blackberries

We have a LOT of blackberries out our back door and they are starting to 
get good and ripe. I have a couple questions about recipes and one about 
the berries themselves. Some, not all, are sour. Do they need to stay on 
longer? I need a quick, easy recipe for either blackberry jam or jelly (for 
immediate use, not to can/jar) and one for quick, easy cobbler. At my age, 
my patience is thin and my kitchen gets too hot to do much. Thank you!