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Annetta Green (
Fri, 6 Jul 2001 09:05:15 -0400

I didn't really nail in the panels, I nailed in the loose pieces that were
holding the panels in.  Some of them were loose enough to let me see around
them to the outdoors, but not any more!  Plus as humid as it is around here,
they should have been swollen tight.  Now they are painted and ready for at
least another year.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26
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> Annetta
> Those panels should slide.
> thats a method of allowing for expansion during high humid conditions. And
> shrink during dry conditions.
> Nailing them off will cause then to crack and buckle.
> Byron
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> solid piece of wood until I had to buy tiny nails to stablize some of the
> panels that were moving, and some of the trim that was loose.  Now if only
> could find a threshold that fits back into the space under the door.  Our