Re: [gardeners] jalopenos

George Shirley (
Sat, 07 Jul 2001 07:35:39 -0500

More than likely Penny, more than likely. They are served both fresh and pickled
around here. They are either pickled whole or sliced into rounds and pickled,
ala nacho peppers. The mild ones are right tasty but you definitely don't want
to eat the seeds if you're not used to the heat. They're also easy to grow, I
would recommend the TAM mild jalapeno (TAM is Texas A&M).


penny x stamm wrote:
> I ordered a fajita platter at a local Appleby's Restaurant
> recently and found something new on my plate --
> remember, New Yorkers never meet up with hot peppers
> except for the little round ones which are always part of a
> standard salad bar....
> On this occasion, however, there was a strange looking green
> pepper on the plate. It was shaped like my thumb, very,
> very green, very, very firm, and since I love green peppers, I
> picked it up and tasted it. The outside flesh was absolutely
> just like a pungeant regular green pepper, and I munched
> the whole thing happily but avoided the seeds. Then, of course,
> I stole one off of my hubby's plate....
> Did I actually have my first jalapenos..?  Are they usually
> pickled..? Does pickling make them stronger..?
> Penny, NY
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